Company History

For more than four decades, Covac is guided by its commitment to provide highly reliable products to customers. Established on September 8, 1978, Covac have delivered products that have been in touch with people for many years. Products range from automotive and in-vehicle devices to electronic devices, watches, cameras, rubber keypads and gasket. Covac considers end products to be incorporated first with people who use them and continue making silicon rubber, synthetic rubber and various resin products today with solid quality control and in-house consistent system.

Philippine Factory – "Covac Phillipines, Inc."


Keeping the customer in mind at all times, Covac makes the quality of products and services the highest priority. Guided by this philosophy, Covac has ventured setting up plants in various countries to ensure products are manufactured closer to its customers. And Covac has found a remarkable location in the Philippines in Lima Technology Center in Lipa City, Batangas. The Philippines factory was established in 2018 to strengthen international competitiveness. In order to provide highly accurate mass-produced products to customers all over the world, we are promoting operations in the Philippines as a future main plant.

Indonesia Factory – "P.T. Covac Indonesia" Joint Venture between Covac & Padma Soode


The Indonesian plant was established in response to expanding demand in Southeast Asia. As our customers all over the world, we strive to provide services and products that meet various needs by having a large number of production bases.

Osaka Sales Office


Osaka Office is in charge of Western Region of Japan. The branch offices share information and improve their mobility to meet the needs of customers throughout Japan.

Nagoya Sales Office


The Nagoya office is in charge of Tokai regions(Central region of Japan). The branch offices share information and improve their mobility to meet the needs of customers throughout Japan.

Hong Kong Sales Office – "Covac (Hong Kong) Trading Co., Ltd."


The Hong Kong Sales Office mainly handles Europe, Southeast Asia, China and South America. It has been established as a window to customers in other countries, and its sales network spans the whole world. When we own multiple production bases and operate, we take into consideration the trends and needs of customers and provide products worldwide.

China Guangzhou Factory – "Guangzhou Covac Co., Ltd."


The Guangzhou plant in China is the central base of the manufacturing department of group companies.

Japanese technical advisers are stationed on site. Local specialists who have received a comprehensive education, including technical skills, work commitments and attitudes, are shipping products worldwide.

Chiba Factory


Under the guidance of skilled workers, our factory focuses on product guidance and delivery management for group companies in each country, and inspection of prototypes, utilizing accumulated know-how, experiences, and verification data. We are fully equipped with production facilities and ready to be able to respond immediately to customers’ sudden orders.

Head Office


At the head office, sales department, engineering department, product development department, quality assurance department, overseas business department, business department and general affairs department are registered. The core of group companies in each country is responsible for controlling the entire organization. By consolidating specialized departments, it is possible to fully cooperate with each other, and work efficiency has dramatically improved.

The specialized staff who received the training make full use of equipment, perform verification of dimension measurement, weight measurement, etc., and carry out thorough quality control by accumulating data resources. Our characteristic “high quality” “cost performance” “quick response” is the result of the relationship of trust with customers through the accumulation of daily work.